UFOP Code of Honor

The UFOP's stand for honor is one of great importance. We value it more than we value our own lives. We stand for the rights of all guilds; wether they are an explicit enemy or an ally. UFOP's honor is what we will die for.


All guilds and unguilded planets have the right to live, liberty in their own sense, and respect. We will give them that, but only it doesn't interfere with UFOP systems.

  • UFOP promises that we will never assault for profit.
  • UFOP Promises that we will not plunder, or piracy those UFOP members caught pirating will be expelled as this is not what UFOP stands for. Any member or members caught in the act will surely pay for it.

UFOP will mentor or annex you into the guild should you ask, we stand up for your rights, even when you are at war with us.