UFOP Dauntess
UFOP Dauntess
Product Information
Length2800 m
Technical Specifications
Armament(2) Kinetic Rail Guns

(10) Flak Cannons
(100) Point Defense Guns

Speed10 m/s
Hangar40 squadrons
Historical Information

The UFOP Dauntess is a battleship owned by Erex Malren. It is his peoples pride and joy. It is they're flagship for the last 100 years. It has been through many wars, and many battles, and it it is known to be the most devastating Taiidan ship ever built.


Built from Taiidan Shipyards, it took an amazing 40 days to construct. Due to Taiidan Shipyards production rates, she was on her maiden voyage only 3 days after construction ended. She moved to to the Gozan Sector in the Taiidan empire, and faced a assault from a Sen'ver pirates, she survived but only after requesting back up, as the pirates had used stolen Ion Frigates. Frigate Sobani saved the Dauntess.