Backround Edit


Flag of the Empire of Traxiis

Traxiis (Tracks- ice) empire is an empire located in the L04 galaxy. It consists of eight planets. The Traxiis empire was formed in 5900 BCE when the two civilizations of Hyas, Traxiis's homeworld, United to form the First United Government. The F.U.G quickly established the Space Fleet, and discovered the warp drive.

First Hadros - Traxiis warEdit

One thousand years after the F.U.G formed on Hyas, A civilization 12 light year away on a planet named Trice, Launched an attack on planet Hyas, the only planet Traxiis controlled. Hadros forced Orbitally dropped 1,000,000 soldiers on the capital city of Amalsa. The city was quickly conquered. Above the planet, The Traxiis fleet was obliterated, and a long, occupation began.

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