Character Stats
UFOP RankGovernor

Hummdaddy has been one of UFOP's most trusted and valuable members since his admittance into UFOP. Hummdaddy is UFOPs VGM minor; Commander of UFOP HIGH LYRAs; 3rd in Command of all UFOP. His term has been one of conflict. Time after time he has dealt with incessant incursions and conflicts; but he has also brought times of relative peace in a galaxy full of strife. Hummdaddy has been a crafty soldier, a stalwart Governor, a master diplomat, and now an indispensible leader of UFOP. Hummdaddy embodies much of what UFOP heralds as our ideals. He along with the L39rs have gone through much hardship and adversity. Hummdaddy has gone through and through for his boys in L39. UFOP salutes MAJOR GENERAL Hummdaddy!

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