Frigate Sobani
Product Information
Length200 m
Technical Specifications
ArmamentKinetic Flak Cannons
Historical Information
Skeleton Crew25

The Frigate Sobani is named after its captain after it was instituted as his flagship, the Taiidan Empire entrusted this frigate with the help of the Ferrir-Sha fleet to protect Taiidan borders. After several incursions this ship survived as well as most of the fleet.


Built as an award to Captain Soban of the Taiidan Navy, for protecting against the Turannic Pirates attacking crew transports and merchant ships, he recieved this ship and went straight to work. Not 5 days after it was on her maiden voyage did they get to a combat zone, with Turannic Pirates, they fought the pirates and they retreated. Only to come back with a much larger fleet. An entire section of the Taiidan Empire was lost totalling 30 planets, the Frigate Sobani recieved immense damage, and parts of the ship where damage beyond repair. The Taiidan Empire had the ship rebuilt and it is now on the front fighting the newly organized Turannic Confederation.