Gathering Intelligence is vital to UFOP. It requires a cool head as many people will try to shoot down scouts. So I have compiled a list of ways of you to gather vital intelligence for your survival.

  • Many people use scout ships to find enemy fleets, and bases but also jumpgates. This is a long process that requires patience and due dilegence.
  • Being friends of friends: What I mean is that our NAPs/MDPs we are talking with them and are in constant contact as this is vital for gathering intelligence from guilds in galaxies we are not present in. When we are friends of our friends we show them that we actually care.

Dark Side

The dark side of Intelligence gathering is one that the average UFOP member will not go to or fall to. This is left for UFOP intelligence. As I do not know who is in intelligence I believe that this is vital for our Intelligence to "fall".

When I say the dark side this means

  • Blackmailing our enemies
  • Propaganda, and using misinformation about our enemies.
  • Misuse or failing to abide by UFOP standards as I've found that usually intelligence divisions are usually not abiding by the standards of most guilds.

Leave the Dark Side as I like to call it up to our intelligence. But never let you fall to this as you are not trained nor will you be trained in it. However those who have training in this could and would be vital to our survival as a whole.