UFOP has high standards on Fleet Development. But UFOP is also aware that their members cannot follow all the doctrines.

Fighter Swarm

This is one of the most important fleets of all. As it is the most efficient other than the Heavy Cruiser. This fleet relies heavily on fighters, and carriers/fleet carriers. A successful fighter swarm has almost 35-100 Fleet carriers transporting fighters/Bombers(Any kind).

Technologies to research: Laser, Armor, Plasma/Ion


Used properly, Frigate fleets will take out cruiser/Heavy Cruiser fleets for painful ratios. Also very good for maximizing profit on crashes. Frigate Fleets can crush any fleet up to and including the dreadnought fleets; and is very good for conquering bases even with 15+ Planetary Rings. Frigate fleets demand high amount of player activity or sitting on the guild blob when not in use because they are weak to fighter drops. Player should pick between HC/BS/Dreads depending on the tech levels and build one of those to around 5% of total fleet size.

Technologies to research: Missiles, Armor, Plasma, Ion, Photon

more to come.